Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments

What you heard: The Trump administration is threatening to end payments to insurance companies in order to sabotage Obamacare. What it is: The payments that Trump and his lackeys often refer to as “bailouts” are technically called cost-sharing reduction payments (CSRs). The federal government pays out CSRs to insurance companies, to the tune of approximately $7,000,000,000… Read More Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments

The Privilege of “More Important” Things

What you heard: The media/political news/my friend/etc is focusing too much on Russia/the Boy Scout speech/Trump encouraging police brutality/etc and should be talking more about health care/dismantling of regulations/the economy/etc. Most of this commentary comes from those who are white, male, or occupy upper income levels. Most likely the person you’re hearing this from is… Read More The Privilege of “More Important” Things