The Privilege of “More Important” Things

What you heard: The media/political news/my friend/etc is focusing too much on Russia/the Boy Scout speech/Trump encouraging police brutality/etc and should be talking more about health care/dismantling of regulations/the economy/etc. Most of this commentary comes from those who are white, male, or occupy upper income levels. Most likely the person you’re hearing this from is… Read More The Privilege of “More Important” Things

Why “Political Correctness” became a dirty term

What you heard: Jeff Sessions, an Explainher fave, questioned the legitimacy of a Hawaiian federal judge. Then, when faced with backlash for his comments, he complained that “no one has a sense of humor anymore.” What it is: Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General of the United States; you can read all about the racist Kreacher here. The questioning came… Read More Why “Political Correctness” became a dirty term

Does the Administration have a Syria policy?

What you heard: After a missile strike on a Syrian airfield in response to Assad’s deployment of chemical weapons against civilians, the Administration is taking on Syria’s ruling regime. Or maybe not. Or maybe Russia will do it? What it is: Last Thursday, April 6, the US military launched 59 Tomahawk missiles from Mediterranean-based destroyers USS Porter… Read More Does the Administration have a Syria policy?

Demonizing unauthorized immigrants

What you heard: Trump announced the creation of VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement) at his speech on Tuesday night. What it is: Since we’re on acronyms today, Trump is a Truly Revolting dUngheap of Mammoth Proportion. The VOICE program will create an office to identify victims of crimes committed by unauthorized immigrants. This supplements the… Read More Demonizing unauthorized immigrants